Sauti Moja - USA Background

Why choose Sauti Moja-USA?

Lower overhead (restricted to ensure that <10% is used for administration and fundraising in the United States)

  • All of the administrative work done in the US is provided by a volunteer staff; the Directors volunteer their time for all management and fundraising duties; the travel cost to-and-from Africa are donated by the Directors, and do not come out of the programming funds.
  • Fundraising is primarily through the Internet and by “word of mouth” rather than costly mass appeals.

In-Country support and staffing expenses are kept to a minimal.
  • All of the community based organizations supported by Sauti Moja-USA are very “lean” in their local administrative and staffing expenses, this is achieved by locals who are truly committed to helping their neighbors.
  • Many of the local international staff are development professionals, who volunteer in addressing those needs in their communities, which are often overlooked by other agencies.


Experience and professionalism

  • The president of Sauti Moja-USA has lived in and worked with the Sauti Moja supported community in Tanzania for over 1.5 year, first as an intern during her senior year of college and then as the Sauti Moja Tanzania project manager for 14 months.
  • The Canadian based Board of Directors of Sauti Moja collectively has over 60 years of field experience in 26 countries.

Commitment to integrity and accountability

  • Donors receive annual reports that detail progress on each project and financial status: we are committed to complete “openness and transparency” of all accounting.
  • Visiting donors are encouraged to directly engage with their supported communities to “see and hear” for themselves.
  • Projects are visited and monitored yearly, to assure ongoing positive development.

Focus on transformation of lives

  • Development programs incorporate appreciative approaches, mobilizing the human and social capital of individuals and communities.
  • Donors are provided opportunities to engage with Sauti Moja-USA and beneficiary communities, leading to increased commitment to realization of human rights, and to advocacy on the behalf of the oppressed.



  • Join the LECHE Project which is affordable, supports healthy development of Maasai preschoolers, and helps educate your children.
  • 1000 Widows Initiative – We’ve helped 161 vulnerable women become self-sufficient, so now we are targeting another 839 over the next three years!  More
  • Sponsors for child mothers are desperately needed!  More
  • Read about Sauti Moja’s role in famine recovery here.
  • Read about Sauti Moja’s response to global warming here.